HT. Herbal Therapy

Herbal body treatment & Lymph stretches stimulates your pressure points along each side of meridian. Then after aroma oil treatment improve the flow of blood and lymph to eliminate the toxins from the body, which have the effect of the body it relieve tension and release the stress from your body by lymph stretching at the same time. It is a combination of Lymphatic stretch (like YOGA) and oil treatment with medicinal-herb such as (herbal ball for sweating your body & herbal foot bath can be added as an option) After session, blended organic herbal tea will be served.


施術では、リンパストレッチ(ヨガ)とアロマオイルトリートメントを組み合わせて [オプション:発汗作用のあるハーバルボール]も取り入れられます。施術後には独自にブレンドした有機のハーブティーもご試飲いただけます☘️